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Cash4Gold Getting Several Complaints

By |February 4, 2009|

From the first time we heard the ads, we figured was probably not the best idea for consumers. Now a flurry of negative press on the company confirms what we – and probably most other sane people – thought. Cash4Gold isn’t paying out [...] Allows Fraud to Continue?

By |October 16, 2008|

Recently a ScamTracker contributor had their name and credit card information stolen and the thief used it to set up accounts on and They then started putting up high priced coins for auction and told winning bidders to send payment via Paypal, [...]

Finance Shine International: Russian Scammers

By |June 23, 2008|

Back at it again, the Russian remailers are working the credit card fraud as usual. This time, they used the name Finance Shine International. They used the site WWW.FSHINE.NET and used addresses in the US to receive packages purchased with stolen credit card numbers. [...]

eBay Scammer Gets 18 Months Jail Time

By |September 6, 2007|

United States Attorney Scott N. Schools announced that Johnny Lee Tan was sentenced on August 30, 2007 to 18 months in prison for money laundering and that Kevin Pua was sentenced to a five-year term of probation for conspiracy. The convictions grew out of the men’s participation in [...]

Fake Job, Fake Checks

By |September 1, 2007|

Here’s a real common scam that a surprising number of people still fall for. It’s the “fake job cashing fake checks” scam. It starts with the scammers sending out emails with lures of easy money, etc. If you reply, you get an email like [...]

eBay Scammer Sentencing Scheduled

By |August 28, 2007|

The United States Department of Justice has notified us that the sentencing hearing for defendant, Nancy Pua, has been set for December 6, 2007, 02:30 PM at San Francisco before Judge Jeffrey S. White. Sentencing for Defendants Kevin Pua and Johnny Lee Tan will go forward on August [...]



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